Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Guest Bedroom(s) & Bath Progress Update

Howdy Folks! If you are new to following based off of the Glitter Guide feature, then welcome! The GG feature was full of beautiful photos of our home & rooms that have been redone- so this blog is where I show it all- the good, bag and ugly!

If you follow me on IG- then you know what we have been up to lately- remodeling half of our upstairs at once. Wow, big project, but the outcome is going to be super fab, especially since I have my besties visiting us in April, and gotta have the place cleaned up for them :) Sometimes with remodeling, it is a fast ripple effect- like redoing one room leads to redoing the other.  Since both rooms will have the same floors and be updated, we cannot have the joining bathroom be a hot mess. So there you have it, three rooms being fixed up almost simultaneously.


Bedroom 1 (on the left) 

So much pink. 

Jack & Jill Bathroom

The tub is amazing- and what is even crazier is that Kohler still makes the line that this bathtub comes from- The Birthday Bath edition- which is really swanky- so I cannot wait to do it some justice and update the bathroom! The vanity's are just really old and on the inside there are old water stains and the counter-top is a pink marble, which sounds cool- but not.




Bedroom 2 (on the right)

It is worth mentioning that it may be hard to see in these pics, but the curtains had mold, cobwebs, live spiders & the carpet was so incredibly stained and disgusting. When we moved in, we removed all the curtains & cleaned the rooms from top to bottom. The mirrored sliding doors were metal and felt outdated- along with all of the off-white light fixtures. Time to change, y'all.


Bedroom #1- wall paper removed. I used this steamer- highly recommend. 

After the wall paper was removed, everything that cannot have paint on it, got covered up with these plastic liners. 

Prepped for painting. The spray gun I use linked here (I love it- and you don't have to dilute your paint) but I only recommend using a spray gun if you have a huge space in which to paint. It works in these bedrooms, as I can shut the doors and don't have to worry about getting any paint on the floors. Paint dust literally gets everywhere. I used my go to. BM's Chantilly Lace, in gloss for all the trim. 

After the paint was sprayed, we then painted the ceiling, medallion, walls and touched up the trim. All that is left to do in this room is install the floors. I used a chandelier cleaner, which our neighbor recommended, and it made this puppy shine! The wall color is called Old Redwood- and while it may not look super fabulous in this pic, I think it is going to be really cool once we get that dang carpet removed. 

What we did in bedroom #1 is being done in bedroom #2- but for some reason, as you can see, the wall paper is not coming off the wall very well. It may be the worst room yet. We are thinking about painting this room BM's Hale Navy- and hanging my giant vintage American Flag against the back wall- I have a vision in my head and it is sweet :). 

Old chandelier sleeves being replaced with new white ones. So a little tip- I assumed that lighting stores were totally over priced- we have one in Florence, SBS Electric and they are amazingly nice, helpful and super affordable! For eight new sleeves it was $2! I also bought some sconce shades for a $1- pictured here

For the bathroom, we hired a puppy contractor to do the demo. He used a crow bar and a flat head to tear it all up. 

Adios literally everything but the tub. 

Two layers of paper in this room. 

The bathroom was the last to get started but may be the first to get done! Everything is out and now we just need to add floor leveler, install wainscoting, tile, vanity's, a toilet, paint, refinish the tub so it is glossy white and find a vintage china hutch to hold towels... lol.   

This week into the weekend we plan to start getting the rooms put back together with all the updates! I'll share more next week, but of course, follow along on IG for the latest breaking remodeling news :).



  1. EJ, your renos give me such joy! I think they're much more enjoyable as you do it yourself! These updates are so fun to read about - can't wait to see more!


    1. Kelsey- How sweet, thank you so much! It is rewarding (after) to know it was done by our own work- during though, it's like ugh- why didn't I hire this out!

  2. Looking good!! I'm so glad you're keeping the tub. Can hardly wait to see the finished spaces!

    1. Thanks Caleb! Yes, that tub is just too good! Hey- do you mind sending me that link to where you purchased those amazing fixtures in your bath? Thanks!! I need a Carriage visit asap btw...

  3. Cannot get over that tub!!! It's all going to look so beautiful!!

    1. It's insane right?! Thanks for much for your vote of confidence!

  4. Can't wait to see how it all comes together. I love seeing these rooms come along, and the behind the scenes photos.

    1. Great to hear! Thanks for much for reading!