Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Buy Vintage Rugs- CHEAP!

I love old rugs, like love love love. However, if you just look at normal sites like OKL, Pottery Barn, Anthro or go to a Persian rug store of any kind you will see that they cost a paycheck. You should not spend a paycheck on a rug- not good. When we moved into our house I knew one thing-  I would have to buy some rugs to cover our wooden floors and I definitely knew I wanted one in our kitchen to have under our island. The rooms that have rugs look and feel softer and I am just basically obsessed with the color they add. Below I share a few ways that I have scored some rugs for our house that are the real deal at a really affordable price. For me, an area rug shouldn't be more than $300-$450 and small rugs (3x5) should be less than $100. It may take some time, but the steps I have listed below work and you will be able to get that old world fancy pants rug you have always wanted! 

First search is always eBay: Seller is bestrugplace and I search using lowest price first and mark "used".  This link will take you to the exact page I use! 

This seller (bestrugplace) has a great rating and tons of positive feedback. I have also purchased from them before so I feel like it is totally safe!

I love the price and the colors of the rug above, like the caption says- perfect for a kitchen!! 

When using eBay I suggest using the "Buy Now" or the "Make an Offer" option. 

When making the offer put in about $100-$250 lower than the asking price- depending on the price of the rug you want. Your offer may be accepted or it may declined. If they decline, you should have the option to bid a bit more than your original if you are able to make the price work. It is quite fun. Significantly more fun than buying a car. 

This seller also has a TON of photos of the rug- look for hand knots that are not exactly perfect- hence the handmade disclaimer. 

My favorite site for smaller rugs- eSaleRugs!  Search for "Balouch" 

I literally own two versions of the rug listed below. They haven't faded, hide dirt and traffic marks like no other and adds so much character to any room! Searching eSale rugs can become a black hole of mindless scrolling and looking. I suggest looking at the bottom of the page for "similar items" to help guide your search. 

I really hope these few tips help and you can score the rug(s) of your dreams! 

Thanks for reading! 



  1. I love this!! How do you recommend caring for the rugs? Also, I'm assuming there is a smell associated with buying used old rugs - does it ever go away? I've been on the hunt for awhile now to find these perfect rugs and I saw your post on IG so I hoped over to see! :)

  2. Hey Jen- so the rug source from eBay and from eSale rugs that I have listed links for both have the rugs cleaned before shipping! There really isn't a smell and I just use Febreze to freshen them up. Also- most carpet cleaning businesses offer professional rug cleaning if you want to go the extra step! For care, I just vacuum as normal and keep a rug pad down to protect wear and keep them in place. Thanks for reading!!!

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