Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Find Good Stuff: Craigslist

Craigslist- I feel that some either love it or are a little sketched out by the process. For me, it is just like shopping at a thrift store- you have to check often, be okay with a little sketchy situation/smell every now and then, negotiate prices and be prepared to walk away. Below are some tips on navigating and buying on Craigslist. Not mentioned below, but should be duly noted when buying: be safe, make sure someone knows where you are going, do the transaction during the day and always email/text the seller ahead of time so you can get a vibe from the person you are working with.

The same steps below can be used in searching under "Antiques" too- but be cautious about buying fakes or overpaying. Home items like iron or wooden outdoor furniture, mirrors, dressers, bed-frames are all items that are typically waaay overpriced in stores and can almost always be found on Craigslist. Using Craigslist can be a great way to score some really cool stuff-below are some pics of things I have purchased and how much I have paid. Once we start to work on our bedrooms I have goals of finding some awesome brass or iron bed-frames!

four wicker chairs with cushions $60
antique ice box $40
large wooden mirror- $20
piano and bench $150

Step 1: Google your local town's Craigslist page and under the "For Sale" header, select "Furniture"

Step 2: Under furniture- Click on the "owner" section

Step 3: Scroll your heart out & find something awesome!

If you like an item or have questions- do the "reply by email" to the seller. I suggest being friendly and direct. The email that is generated is a text code address so your personal email won't be shown on the communications. In the initial email I sometimes offer a price lower than what is shown and give a time of when I can pick the item, if they accept my offer. If I am not 100% sold on the item, I will always ask if I can stop by, then offer cash on the spot if it is something I really do want/need. 

Happy Trolling


  1. Hi EJ! I stumbled upon your blog on Instagram and can already tell I'll be a faithful reader! Love what you've done to your home! I wrote a post a few weeks ago with a few other Craigslist hacks if you're interested. Can't wait to see what you guys tackle next!

    1. Hey Meg! Thanks so much- also checked out yours- jealous of your amazing photos and love that you love rose- my kind of gal! Loved your tips- and the end with estate sales- definitely have found some awesome stuff at those!