Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Sale Finds- For Your Home

You guys, I know most of you have probably purchased clothing from H&M, but did you know they have a super chic line of home products at super great prices?! I have purchased a few things from their home section and honestly the quality is great and it is so cheap! Currently they have their summer sale going on (like 60% off!!) so I picked out a few things below that I NEED in my home now. The pillows would look great on anything and could totally be used as outdoor cushions. The throw (actually called a bedspread) would look awesome at the end of a bed or on the backside of a sofa. Cutting boards are my weakness and the green stripped rug is a classic! I vision granny smith apples stacked up in that wood bowl, the wire basket could literally be used for anything and a snake plant or aloe plant would fit in that braided storage basket perfectly. Have I convinced you to go buy everything you see here?! 


Happy Shopping!! 


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