Thursday, May 26, 2016

Entryway- Before/During/After

The entryway to the house is grand, starting with a double-front door with side windows an exposed staircase, large chandelier, trim & wainscoting. The only problem with it was that it was gross when we moved in- the white woodwork looked like someone spilled sweet tea everywhere, the amount of dust/cobwebs was insane and that wallpaper is fug. Not to mention it smelled like granny's musty basement. 


The entryway in this house is the first impression- so I wanted to look good, and reflect my personal style. I love art- I really don't know anything about it, but when I see a piece I love, i snag it up- usually for about $1-$5. I am lucky that my bestie takes amazing pics and that my sister loves to paint. Photos below are my inspiration.


(my own photo of a random restaurant wall)

Mismatched art measured by the eye ball in random frames is perfection in my eyes



The wall paper had to come down- but was actually really easy to do in this room thanks to handy tool and the fact that the wallpaper was only one layer! 

After removing the wallpaper, I scrubbed everything down with diluted ammonia water (my favorite cleaning solution).The paint color I used for the walls/trim/ceiling is Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace. I used gloss on the trim and flat/matte on the walls and ceiling. Since I used a white color on the walls, we used the same on the ceiling, so it wasn't too busy feeling. 

Frank supervising

After painting was completed, it was go time on getting my massive stash of thrifted art, college diplomas and family pictures hung on the walls. Whit hung the pictures while I acted as art director and boss lady. 
more progress and accumulation


Color // Art // Chair- Similar Here // Rug // Frames
Door Paint // Pillow (old target find) Similar Here

This is like 90% finished in these pictures (I have a major problem with getting 90% done and then actually finished the last 10%, as i am usually ready to move on to the next project!). The gallery wall is not complete- it takes time to put these things together and in some of the smaller spots, I just haven't found the perfect print... yet. Railings still have to be painted (can you spot the missing spindle?) The backs of the stairs need to be painted white for a more updated look, and the chandelier at some point has got to go. 

For now though, this is a billion times better!! We use our front door as our main entry/exit for our house so every time I walk through I am now happy happy happy!!


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  2. EJ, so much fun seeing the pics and I can't wait for more to come!! You're sure to inspire others as they begin their own journey making a house a home! My design friends are going to love this!

    1. Thanks so much Patti!! & thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love the gold framed pic of dad holding you with those shades on!