Wednesday, May 25, 2016


So- jobs brought us to Florence, but I mean really- this house sold us! I am a troll- it's not good. The day I was called to schedule an interview for my current job, I had this house picked out. My thought was, we are moving back to a small town YOLO let's do it up big and get a real life fixer upper on a several acres (even though we really have no experience renovating/caring for a large property not to mention our dog Frank thinks coyotes and stray dogs are his friends- YIKES!).

The deal on this house is that it was abandoned/foreclosed on for about a year and even though the bones of the house are in decent shape- every. single. room. needs updating.... and there are 12+ rooms in this house so yea, it's like a solid 5 years of projects! 


First Dinner- So Swanky
Spring Blooms

Just wait until I show y'all the inside!! 


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  1. There are over 12 rooms to remodel? I can see why that would take several years to complete. What about just remodeling the rooms you need to use daily for now? I am glad you were able to buy a house with so much space and a big backyard. I think the remodeling projects will be worth it in the end, and I hope you are able to move into your new home soon.