Friday, March 17, 2017

Guest Bedroom- Before and After (FINALLY!!)

You guys- this room is complete, well... I fell like everything is a work in progress, and ya know, I always am on the hunt for more art and furniture. But I mean walls and floors and beds are done and done! 




I started ripping wall paper down on New Year's day... and finally after three months I am able to post an "after." Whit and I both work full time jobs (like 40++ hrs a week) and then at night we come home and work on projects (mostly) and use weekends as well- obviously we do other stuff from time to time, but this house is a labor of love for sure! Not complaining though, renovating a home like this is a dream come true, promise!

Check out this post to see progress pics and where I found the twin beds... The beds make this room. We were originally going to put them on the back wall, but then there wasn't enough room for the closet doors to open. So we moved them to each side of the far left window- which I think makes the room feel a bit more evenly spaced- if that makes sense? 

Bedding is from Red Land Cotton and the shams are a clearance find from Pottery Barn. Hands down best euro pillow inserts can be found here... They are amazingly comfy and keep the best shape! I order a 26"x26" size to fit the 24" standard euro sham.

That label tho... 

Original chandelier, just cleaned up a bit, and I removed the glass candelabra things... 

Bentwood chairs may be one of my favorite things, you can use them at a dining table, for side tables, for odd corners etc... very versatile!  And always throw a plant on top of a pile of anything!

This closet makes me happy- hangers for guests, and an empty basket for whatever... I scored these baskets from Target in the home utility sections, I think they were marketed for firewood... seems better suited for blankets :). 

Has anyone noticed how beat up old ass leather is like the coolest thing ever? Funny story- this was a chair from my parents house (I think they bought it from JCPenney circa 1998). Our former roomie Ben, took it when my parents were renovating their kitchen/living room. He didn't take it when he moved out soo... I am totally claiming owners rights on this thing.

I found this side table at a road-side antique place. It was painted hot pink, barf. But nothing my flat black BM Onyx (best black color IMO) couldn't handle.

A close up of the floors. I am obsessed with them. So very cool. And how awesome is this rug from TJ Maxx... I recently got it, so if you needed an excuse to go there, here it is. 

I scored the flying pig art from Kirkland's (no judging plz)... I don't think they sell it online, but a print can be found here. It is amazing, and IDK why, but I love it so much.

Vintage glass knobs help keep the new closet doors looking eclectic. 

Lowe's lamp y'all. 

Above my flying pig is a vintage landscape print from Eleven54 on Wood.

Blue and white planter from Salvation Army- and the plant is just one of those tropicals from Home Depot. A little bit of sunlight and a little bit of water weekly is all they need. So easy! 

The mirrors above the bed are actually from the Jack & Jill bathroom! The drop leaf table in between the bed was from the Athens, Alabama Habitat Re-Store, $35. It is solid wood, heavy and has some scratches, which I love as it adds character and makes it look like it has been in this bedroom forever! 

Check out this post for the curtains and hardware I used & the bamboo shades were a Home Depot clearance find... I scored five of them, for our five upstairs windows for $7 each. I mean... it pays to check out the clearance section, literally. 

I love this bedroom and I am so happy we have a great space for guests to stay. Thanks for being patient, but I should have more projects to share in the VERY near future. 

Have a fantastic weekend, y'all! 



  1. I love it! It looks so bright and fresh in there! The white plank floors really balance out the darker colored walls.

    1. Agreed- Thank you for reading and commenting!!

  2. Ahh! Worth the wait, it looks amazing. I'm not sure if I love the beds or the mirrors more. Well done!

    1. Thank you so much!! The mirrors were kind of a last minute random add on- so I love that you like them!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Caleb!! (wait till you see our bathroom... I may have painted the tub black :))

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you!! We love our amazing sheets, can't wait for our guest to sleep on these beauties!

  5. Absolute perfection!!! I love everything about this room - the colors, the beds, the little black table with the plant!

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