Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Laundry Room: After

We were totally laughing out load at the "before" post- I think people liked the wall paper more than my white paint vision :). But like I have said, the wall paper and blue trim was really gross and in rough shape. A little spackle and white paint then boom, it looks so much better! Definitely has a clean vibe now, which is great since it is the laundry and cleaning/house hold supplies room. I mean, shoot, I want to just hang out in here! 

Details of everything listed under the photos- Enjoy!


Gotta have a plant(s) in every room.

The Goodwill by our house in TX had the coolest art!

This wall is directly across from the washer/dryer- and is perfect for a little bench and over-sized art! (pic from the Jewish Woman's Center in LA)

Barn door style of cover is super cool and functional! 

Wire rack vintage from my favorite Florence store Eleven54 on Wood. Yes, I only buy white rags/towels/bath towels/sheets and of course use bleach, because it works.

Note- paint ceiling medallions BEFORE installation.

Old rug from our house in Dallas.

Basket full of cleaning supplies fits perfectly under our utility sink (I painted the legs gloss black).

Don't worry- there are still plenty of vines for viewing...

Copper piggy bank for all of Whit's loose coins & bill$ that I most definitely keep for myself. 

Vintage saucers are the perfect little coaster for mini pots. 

Whit measured the length and height that the cover needed to be based on where the washer and dryer sit. Based on that he bought 1x12 and 1x8 boards for the main sections, 1x4 boards for the support pieces, adjustable legs for the side, and lots of screws. He cut the boards down to the correct length and screwed them together with the support pieces. Lastly he installed the 2x4s to the wall and screwed the top piece into those to hold it in place. After it was installed I applied one coat of stain for a finished look. 

Another room down, like a billion more to go! 

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Thanks for reading! -EJ