Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Laundry Room- Before

Hey Guys! After a fabulous extended holiday weekend- we are back at it and this time our project is the laundry room. It really has "great bones" as it is a large space with a utility sink and cabinets, ha. While the flower wall-paper may look cool/vintage- it ain't, trust me! It has a window, which would be great for natural light...if we could see out of it. The window is currently covered in vine- flip side? Total privacy at a cost of zero dollars. My vision for this room is to remove all the wall paper, paint ceiling/walls/trim/cupboards in my favorite white, cover the washer and dryer with a custom covering to utilize the space, pull all the vines off the window and install this blind. Sounds like a lot after I type. And then of course I gotta make the space look chic and throw in a succulent somewhere. This room is going to look completely different after some paint and TLC. Can't wait to get started and get some "after's" posted up on here!

This is a "true" before- like before we moved in- SO GROSS! 

Like seriously that blob b/w the washer/dryer- ew

We took out the old water heater, washer/dryer curtains, and utility sink. The movers who moved us in wound up taking that all back in their truck- hopefully that didn't get mixed up in someone else's stuff!

Better... but still gross 

 We have had our current washer/dryer (Samsung Front-Loader) for over five years now and we love them! I scrubbed everything down, and we moved in our stuff- which looks a little better but still pretty rough. 

We replaced the old utility sink with this one- but definitely going to paint those legs black! 

Notice the vines- and how it is actually growing inside our house!


My goal is clean and sophisticated.
Totally inspired by the washer/drying covering used in this photo- I think wood would look great in the laundry room- a nice contrast of materials.

The above photo is from a laundry room makeover on a budget- check out this link, so inspirational!

Happy Hump Day!! 



  1. Can't wait to see the big reveal. Your house is amazing and your decorating style is out of this world. Thank You for sharing all the remodels.

  2. Thanks Bonnie for the kind words!!

  3. Reminds me of your project....