Monday, June 6, 2016

Kitchen Nook- Before and After

If you follow me on Instagram, then this before and after is really no surprise. As with the entry- the kitchen nook definitely needed a makeover. I wanted the wood painted white, wallpaper gone and a big ol' pretty rug & chandelier. The before pictures are rough. Fake pane windows, cobwebby curtains, and yea, wood trim. My vision for this room was to have a place that was fresh, bright and inviting.

I almost forgot- this room had two layers of wallpaper that took about two full weeks to get removed, funny how you forget stuff.... not. 


We painted the trim/walls the same color as we did in the entryway. It took about seven gallons of paint to complete. When painting wood, we used oil based primer to stop the tannin's from showing through. We applied two coats of primer and two coast of the top finish, serious arm workout. Whit replaced all the outlets and light switches to white screw-less plates. The screw-less plates are definitely on the pricey side, however we totally lucked out and found them on clearance at Lowe's for like $.59. Whit learned how to do a lot of the electrical stuff by reading this book- he actually has patience to follow instructions <insert praying hands emoji>. 


Really, this color just makes everything look so good! Most of the furniture in here is from our old house. I painted the desk this color, found the old wooden icebox from Craigslist and the rug is another eBay score. The thing about the white paint is that it makes all the art pop, plants look extra green, all while feeling super clean and airy. I can be bold in accessory/furniture color choices because the walls are so minimal. The encased beams painted white is seriously one of my favs. It looks so swanky, and yea, while it totally sucked painting all of this, we did it ourselves ! Yay us :)


The light fixture is the same one from the before pictures, I just removed the ceramic trays on each light and spray painted the entire thing using flat black spray paint. I swear by this brand, and I honestly prefer the standard type of spray nozzle vs. the kind that looks like a gun. Using these light bulbs helps give the fixture a modern feel- so for about $15 I was able to give our chandelier a total makeover without really doing anything! 

While most of what I have in this room is unique, as it came from Craigslist, thrift stores, and clearance sections at home stores over the years. That brass table- $7 at Salvation Army Thrift! I have links below to several items that are similar, and that may serve as inspiration for your home. The white canvas chairs, while I took the throws off for the pictures, I use these blankets to protect them from a certain dude and a certain puppy. They are so soft and hold up really well, as they get washed all the time. 

owl lamp // white canvas chairs //  large rug // pillow // pillow // ghost chair // plant stand // entry rug // side table // rattan chairs

The pull down map, eagle print and poppy picture are from one of my favorite vintage shops in Florence- Eleven54 on Wood. If you are in the Shoals area, go check it out!



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