Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pool & Patio: Before and After

The time has finally come, I can share our pool/patio area before and after! So a bit of backstory on our house buying process before I explain our pool situation and why we waited. In a nutshell- we bought our house from the bank- as it was in foreclosure. It doesn't really sound like a big deal, but in Alabama, there is this thing called redemption rights. Most states have redemption rights that applies up to the sale of the house. Meaning if you are the owner of the home and go into foreclosure, but can make up back-payments + interest before your house is sold by the bank, you can "redeem" it back. In Alabama- that same process can be done up to a YEAR after the house is sold. We bought our house in March, it was sold to the bank in July of the year before, so we still had about four or so months of a pit in our stomach that the house could be redeemed. Buying a foreclosure property (in AL) is extremely risky- so not a lot of people are interested, which is how we were able to get this house for such a great deal! We did a lot of things to protect our investment and minimize risk, but still, we would check the mail box daily with a pit in our stomach! 

Good news- the redemption rights have passed so no more worries!!

As you can imagine, we didn't really want to sink in a bunch of money for projects that weren't deemed "critical". AKA a pool is not critical. Also, we have mostly just spent our time and sweat on this place- thankfully we have been able to do everything ourselves which has made costs of remodeling minimal. However- the pool was out of our league. We knew it was going to cost us some money, and that we would have to leave it to the pros! We use Matt Holland and Miller Pools for refurbishing the steps, draining the old water, taking out the old liner and installing a new one, new tank and new salt water system. The pool is 20' wide by 40' long and the deep end is 11'5" deep. It is is massive and was just way to big for us to tackle. If you are reading this and are located in the Shoals and in need of pool repair- call these guys, they were awesome!

Below is a whole slew of photos- which hope to serve as inspiration that when buying a home, a little sweat equity goes a LONG way! Also, Tecnu is the best for curing poison ivy, which I got twice three times this summer.

So many damn frogs

Frank only jumped in the pool once! 

After the pool had been sump-pumped. I was also able to sell the diving board and slide on Craigslist! (it was all super rough and in terrible shape).


Little known to me- but the walls were covered in ivy/poison ivy- glad that crap is gone!

We hung ferns to looks like chandeliers over the outdoor seating areas.


 It is still 90 degrees in AL- so our pool is going to be "open" for quite awhile! I also may have ordered a pickle, swan, donut & pizza slice floatie from Amazon (side eye emoji).

Anyhoo- Glad our patio & pool is now enjoyable! We have family coming down in two weeks so I cant wait to party it up out here.

Happy week-end and thanks for reading!



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    1. Bonnie- you are my biggest fan :) Thanks!!!

  2. Y'all are doing amazing work. Looking good! Let me know if you need any music or karaoke at your parties.