Friday, September 2, 2016

Pool & Patio Inspiration

I know that it is September- and fall is right around the corner- but our pool is finally finished and all I can think about now is how I want the patio area to look! I vision a large outdoor sectional perfect for napping, lounge chairs, Adirondacks, striped cushions, large planters, and a massive wooden table for dinner parties. Essentially an oasis we can chill in never because we have so many projects- LOL- kidding, kind-of but not really. 

Below I have items that I am using as inspiration or have saved for when they go on super sale. 

I am hoping that I can find several of these items at end of season sales or maybe make a trip to ATL and hit up some outlet stores :). Of course my dream would be to walk into RH and buy the whole lot, but that is not in my cards. Also Whit, if your reading this, I need you to build me a table and four Adirondack chairs, like yesterday. 

Cheers to the long weekend, y'all!


P.S. I found this house while cruising around on Pinterest- stunning! If I lived on water I would max out the amount of windows possible, like shown below. Perfect! 

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