Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Home Tour- The Dining Room

So I realize there are a lot of rooms I haven't shared on here yet- don't worry, ya'll will see all of them! The dining room in this house is huge, like it is two times the size of my first apt. What we have done in this room is really just scrub down all the trim, washed windows, hung curtains and moved in some furniture- all of which was actually really time consuming since this room is so massive. The dining room table was built by Whit- he used this tutorial. He built that for me in our old house in Dallas-  and now I am thinking he needs to rebuild a larger one???? The chandelier is really intense- like it has babies on it! The reason why we aren't going to remodel this room in the near future is that the wood trim is already painted white (antique white, but it is still okay) and the wallpaper is actually really pretty! So for now- this room is great as is! 


 Before we moved in- the intense window coverings were filled with mold and spiders! 

Massive rug scored from a local antique store for $100- it is super thread bare and needed some cleaning, but it covers a large amount of floor and kind of just blends in. 

You can also see from the picture above that at the time I only had three bentwood chairs. Thanks to the help of friends being on the lookout for me, my count is now up to seven! I don't spend more than $20/chair, two I have been able to get for $5- so it takes some time- but worth it! I use this paint on the chairs- holds up really well and doesn't leave paint brush marks.

I loath measuring anything- thank goodness for Whit! 

Ironing 57" x 118" linen curtains ain't no joke. 

Current State

Frank being Frank

I literally met a dude in a barn and scored this beautiful mirror off Craigslist- ultra sketch situation but I mean, hey! Also, if you are a professional photographer reading this blog right now and think- why is she holding her camera like that? It would be because I have no freaking clue how to use my camera- oops. 

Deer antlers in their natural color and then some I painted flat white. 

Lady print hand painted by my sister! It moves from room to room- still trying to figure out where it should ultimately go. 

Buffet was another item I rescued from someone who was going to toss! Sometimes I have really good luck...  Also, Frank was rescued from the Dallas ASPCA- also a good score ;) 

Need to paint this chair- along with about a billion other things in our house!

Little chest belonged to my great-grandmother! She purchased this when she was first married, I have a larger dresser to match in our bedroom. The original finish was dark and in rough shape, I used paint stripper to take it back to its original condition. Brass handles original too! Art is all from the Goodwill in Irving, TX. 

An old neighbor of ours was going to toss this cart!? I'll take it- duh! 

All silver picked up at various thrift stores along the way. 

All doors in our house will eventually be painted black- my favorite look with these beautiful brass knobs and white trim/walls. 

And if you like what you see- since most of the stuff I own is thrifted/made/salvaged- I rounded up some products below that are similar to what I have- of course, be creative and see what you can find/thrift yourself! 

table // chairs // curtains // buffet // lamps // rug // glass hurricanes // bar cart

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great week!


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