Monday, August 22, 2016

Entryway Staircase: Before and After

One of the first posts I published was our entryway- such a great transformation of the "first impression" room of the house. In looking at entryways/staircases in general- I had noticed that most staircases have the backs of the steps painted white vs. the full wood look. So, I spent a few evenings and applied this same look to our stairwell! The vibe feels much more fresh and I think it highlights the beautiful wooden steps even more.

A quick current state "before" photo.

First step was applying one coat of my favorite primer. I free handed all of this- meaning I didn't use painters tap or lay down plastic/tarp. Sometimes the set up is more timely, and in my case, the floor's finish is not super durable, so I didn't want to peel any of the finish off by using tape. I understand there is painter tape that isn't supposed to pull off finish but (from my own experience) it is all lies. I just go slowly and always use an angled brush for trim- I specifically use this one. When I paint the primer on, I use cheap paint brushes, as oil based paint is a pain in the butt to remove. I keep the brush in a plastic bag until the project is done, then I toss the brush. I have nicer brushes for the latex paint- as that kind of paint washes out with warm water. After the first coat of primer was applied I filled in any nail holes with some spackling and then sealed it in with another coat of primer. The final step was to finish with two more coats of BM's Chantilly Lace in Gloss- to match the rest of the trim in the house.


Yep- Still missing a spindle. 


And just for some memories - the original "before" photos- from before we even bought the house! 

Gotta end on a some good ones :) 

Now I just have to do the spindles- shoot me. 

Thanks for reading!! 



  1. What are your favorite places for finding art? I go to thrift shops and I NEVER see beautiful boats, landscapes, quirky pieces for less than $100. I'm always loving the vintage looking art in designs, though.

    1. I too go to thrift stores, but a lot of times the key is to ignore the ugly frame or vice versa, the frame may be cool, but the art is ugly! Just start collecting stuff and you will be able to put together quite a collection after a while. Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat ReStore's are my go to!