Wednesday, November 30, 2016

$6 Door Hack & Christmas Decor

You guys- I have a great little project for the upcoming weekend/holiday time off! And it costs almost zero dollars! If you have a local Benjamin Moore store, you can get a pint size sample of paint for $6.  I say BM store, because their sample paint, in my opinion, is a lot better quality than sample paint from a large hardware store. The sample can be tinted any color, and comes in an eggshell finish. Eggshell has a bit of a sheen, and perfect for a front or back door. I was so sick of the 1990's country living shade of green we had going on, on our front door, so the other day I picked up a paint sample in Hale Navy and went to town. That little can covered two coats on our huge front door. The Hale Navy paints on a lighter blue, but dries dark. A project for this winter or early next year will be to paint all the shutters on our house to match our front door. They are all that green that was on the front door. I am thinking Hale Navy or possibly something even darker will look really good... The point is this project is super easy and cheap and your front door makes a first impression, so make sure it looks dang good!

Our tree is in the background. We picked up a fresh one from Home Depot and decorated it with K-Mart tinsel I picked up a year ago from their going out of business sale #trashy.  The planter is stuffed with holly branches from our backyard and makes the prettiest door stop #free99. I am so glad that when our door is propped open I now see some navy goodness. 

Another "how to decorate for free" - go cut some cedar branches down and stuff them into an old wicker basket. I love the look of fresh anything, hate fake stuff, so this kind of natural decor makes me super happy. 

Updated the porch with some black and white love, but dang, that green has got to go!

Cedar shrubs purchased from Lowes have replaced the ferns (which are in our bathtub upstairs). Pine cones from the backyard cover the base of the pot and add a great touch of Christmas-y-ness.

So much light and IDK how to filter it on my camera. Oh well, I still love this door! 

Re-posting this photo again- as we had the glass replaced on the side panels, since the other stuff was being held together by tape, LOL! The plain glass lets in much more light, and definitely gave the place an updated look. We used a window replacement company here in town and it was super affordable, I should have done it sooner!

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