Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kitchen Sources & Dream List

I didn't really go into the details on various items we have in our kitchen, and that we love! While most of what we have has come from all over, I put together a collection of items that are very similar at price points that I think are reasonable. I love the look of our kitchen, but also have a list of stuff that I am crushing on aka "dream list"... the stuff is a little/waay higher in price point, but I always use things like that for inspiration or motivation for me to find at ya know- a thrift store. 

Kitchen Look A-Likes

bread bowl (I use ours for fruit) // chandelier // benches (I would love to paint in chalky olive) // cutting board (Whit's fav!)  // drinking glasses // rug // kitchen island // dutch oven

Some stuff I didn't list sources or pictures for because I guarantee that you can find them at your local thrift store! Ginger jars (blue and white pottery on my island) are freaking expensive. I have several like the kind on our island, and to me they look just like the real deal. Usually I have found them without the lid, which is okay with me since I use them as vases. My entire collection of silver is from various Goodwill's in cities in which I have lived. Almost everything I own has a story (cool way of saying I ain't got cash to buy new stuff). 

Dream List

chandelier // copper bar stool // pull down map (hang above fireplace) // wine glasses // dishes // sink  // staub dutch oven // rug (I love pops of pink!)

Thanks again you guys for reading and following along!! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I overgram on the daily :). 


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