Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

My fav kind of posts that I like to read on other blogs are usually the ones full of pictures. We had a great weekend with my parents in town- we ate a lot of really good food, went out Friday night, had a little dinner party Saturday, enjoyed coffee klatch, did some major yard work (like cut down a 40' tree- thanks Dad!) and of course found some thrift store scores. Enjoy these pics and have a fab week ya'll! 

Crostinis- An entertaining staple at our house.

Sushi boats are always a good idea.

Bagel bar yo.

I bought this planter (including plant) off a lady's porch. $10 well spent. 

Party prep. 

My mother makes an awesome charcuterie board!! 

Island full of goodness. 

Keeping a close eye on those ribs. 

Love my mother!! 

The weekend project. A friend scored this for me for $30 at the local auction. You can see the good oak grain showing through!

Hands down best paint/stain stripper. Use this stuff then start sanding. Seriously makes refinishing furniture waaay easier than what it sounds like. 

Danish oil on the finish- essentially just making the true color show. Then applied two coats of satin poly to make sure it holds up against the weather. 

Definitely keeping this good ol oak table on our porch- can't wait to enjoy dinner out here once it is not 105 degrees outside.

Precious Babes. 

My father and sister made me these Adirondacks- how dreamy in our front yard right?? 

That's a wrap- thanks for reading! XO EJ.

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