Monday, August 1, 2016

Bedrooms: Before Pics & Inspiration

Guest Bedroom- "Before" - This is cleaned up as my parents have stayed in here when they visited.

We have four bedrooms in our house- all of which are on the second floor. I kind of like that, since that is the way my parents house was set up- it feels homey to me. Three of the four bedrooms are complete and total hot messes. Wall-paper, antique white trim, pink (mauve) carpet, amazingly outrageous curtains and dated closet doors. One of the four bedrooms is in better shape, it has new wood floors and not too terrible of wall paper- it is where we currently sleep and the one room that will wait to the end to be finished.

2nd Guest Bedroom

Originally didn't think we could get to the bedrooms until late fall as our air conditioner on the second floor did not work, and we were freaking scared to know how much that was going to cost. Well turns out a $75 service call was all we needed. phew.  We are planning to host several guests in the fall, so like, we need to get this place fixed up. Nothing more motivating then knowing people are coming over to your home!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom- door to private deck- needs a total makeover. 

We decided that we are going to fix up all three of the mauve carpeted bedrooms at once. We are definitely not right in the mind. This does not mean they are going to be fully decorated or even have a bed, but simply prepare them for that step. Our plan is to go around and remove all the wall-paper. Then paint all the trim and the walls while the mauve carpet is still down- that way we don't have to worry about paint splatters etc... Final step will be to replace all the carpet. Honestly, I kind of like carpet in a bedroom- especially since these are on the second floor and away from heavy traffic areas. I will probably go with a really light color, not white, but like a super soft and light creamy/tan-ish color. I plan on painting all of the trim and ceiling BM's Chantilly Lace (like I have done on the rest of the house). Wall color is still undecided- I am leaning toward a color like BM's French Canvas. Super neutral, clean feeling and will look great with whatever kind of style I use in these bedrooms. 

If only I could snap my fingers and have all three bedroom look like the pics below :). 


I definitely have a vision of a four poster style of bed for our master- it just seems so grand! How they combined black, blue and olive colors (all of my favs) in the bedroom above is the best. Also- I feel like I see so many of those cherry wood four poster beds on Craigslist- how easy would it be to paint one of them flat black and recreate the look above?! I think I just convinced myself... 

I love the subtle blue colors against the wood grain. I am kind of scared to paint a room a blue color, with fear of it looking like a baby's room- but I have stayed in hotels before with similar colors and I just love how luxurious and cozy yet airy the blue tones make the room feel. Also- that dresser is a beauty. 

This layered look desks/benches/stools is a dream. How there is a great mix of modern/old world feel, is perfect for a crackhead furniture buyer/thrifter like me :).  Simply Beautiful! 

I mean- this makes me want to do all white paint and sell a kidney to buy bed frames & linens like this. 

We wouldn't be doing our house justice if we don't have a room with two twin beds. This masculine feel with the two twin beds is the exact look I want to achieve. Totally inspired. I am sure that a lot of elements in this bedroom can be recreated for not a lot of dollars- yay!. 

Okay- dreaming is done, back to reality and my best friend

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