Thursday, August 4, 2016


This week I have basically done everything but remove wallpaper from our bedrooms... maybe this weekend? It's like the start and the finish are the hardest parts of projects- poetic I know.

 Last weekend I visited a friend in ATL and in between painting and slinging back Ultra's we took a quick trip to Ikea. I purchased these curtains and and was able to get them hung up this week! I used these super simple and cheap rods and love how they look. They will need to be professionally hemmed (or I guess I could break out my Girl Scout skills and do that myself) and then I have to attach the clip rings so they aren't as close to the molding as shown. But, until I get around to that, I am fine with how they look!

Beginning stages of a wall display... I took down the three big marble paper paintings, they will show up again somewhere! Also- I need to find a brown wall cover for that white thing hanging out- literally just noticed that while typing this post- gross. 

And of course I hit up our local Salvation Army Thrift Store and scored some "new" chairs and silverware. If you want to seriously try to find good stuff, you have to go consistently. I try and go once a week during lunch. 

I normally do not waste my time scavenging through the big boxes of silverware at thrift stores- It's rare you will actually find good stuff. Well, randomly, as I was walking by there was a whole pile of the good stuff- and it cost me all of $2!

This wooden chair had been at the thrift store for a while and was finally marked down to $5- so I thought that was a fair price- I prefer to purchase things that are marked for single digits!

Slowly amassing hoards of old shit on our front porch. 

A few weeks ago I found the perfect table for the great room chairs from Eleven54 on Wood. It currently has that vintage wash white paint on it- I think I am going to give it a coat or two of gloss white. What got me is that it is actually really heavy and has that cool bentwood/rattan kind of look to it- which I totally dig these days. Chairs were free from a friend :).

Brass lamp was found a while ago, but it is finally cleaned up and in its spot.

Always trying to rescue plants and re-pot stuff I have almost killed. 

Found this side table while unpacking and rearranging boxes.... which I only have like three more to unpack- ha le freakin lu ya.

Have a fantastic weekend ya'll and thanks for following along!



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