Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DIY: Trunk Bar

So- I have always loved the Pinterest post below. How cool right? Totally functional and funky. I had a trunk- so I decided to try and recreate my own version of this look!

We have a fireplace in our kitchen and to each side, there is a pretty big space of white walls. To the left, I have a little settee- which we sit on all the time! But the space to the right isn't as functional, as it is kind of like the breezeway into the dining room. When I saw the post above I knew this space would be a perfect fit. What makes the trunk functional in the inspiration picture is that it sits on some sort of stand. Using Google skills- I found a company that makes hairpin legs and other kinds of metal works- of all different sizes and styles. I decided on the three rod hairpin leg at 22". This particular style is currently on sale, so I ordered four. Whit screw them into the bottom of the trunk, and boom- project complete :).

The hairpin's are super sturdy and heavy! At $10/leg I am super impressed. I spray painted them flat black before Whit screwed them directly into the bottom of the trunk at like 5am so I did not get an action shot- as Frankie and I were still snoozin'.


The trunk is an old one that Whit's mom restored years ago- and had since been sitting in Whit's dad's garage. I am pretty sure it is a steamer trunk? I think the first time I visited Bruce (Whit's dad) I was like, uh, I need that in my life and we loaded it in the back of our car.

Update from Whit's aunt: - The trunk belonged to Whit's great great grandmother- Peal Lee Rubush Girten, so cool!!

Roll Tide

Love layered rugs.  

I styled the trunk using things I currently own (essentially everything thrifted). If you watched my IG story last week then you will recognize that rug- it survived the sanitize cycle on our washing machine! It was $5 from a local thrift store- so I totally risked washing it myself vs. professional cleaning. Ideally I would like to have bar height stools to each side and maybe down the road i'll find more of a runner vs. area rug to go under the trunk. Always on the hunt!

I have visions of this holding copious amounts of sparkling water & wine during large family dinners.

Create the look yourself! Links to similar items below: 

Hairpin Legs // Tray // Lamp // Flower Vase // Bar Stool // Trunk (highly suggest going to a local antique mall or stalking Craigslist) // Sheep Skin // Rug (I so want this in my dream bathroom someday!)

As always- thanks for reading!! -EJ 

PS. Wait, did I actually just complete a Pinterest project and have it come out halfway decent?! Um, yay!! Pinterest Fails are hilarious.