Monday, October 31, 2016

Master Bathroom- Before and After

It only took about a week of living in our new master bedroom, to decide that our master bath needed some love. Like our bedroom, the master bathroom is massive, over the top and totally outdated- but had sooo much potential! I wanted kind of a quick fix to get this space cleaned up and usable/enjoyable. I had a budget of about $200 to turn this space around. The bulk of it was spent on the mirrors, paint, faucets and rug. It is really amazing what some new paint can do! I painted over the wallpaper, as the paper was not peeling and in good shape. I put on a coat of primer, but if I were to do this again, I would just paint my top coat right on top of the paper, no primer. I used this paint from the Home Depot, and like the commercial says, it really does paint in one coat! It is about $38/gallon but totally worth it. The color we used on the walls was BM's Chelsea Gray, so pretty! And of course used Chantilly Lace in gloss on the trim. Whit worked his skills and changed the faucets and switched out all the old outlets/switched. And boom, one week later we have what feels like a new master!


Before the reno, we basically used this as a dumping ground for when we were redoing our bedroom. Not sure what happened to the mirrors, I bet they were cool, which is why they are missing. That is what happens when you buy an abandoned foreclosed on home :). 

I initially did not like the stained glass window- as it contrasted with the wall paper- now, it isn't so bad! 

The faucets were so intense, very grand! But leaky, dirty and not my style. 

Big pimpin' tub- thankful it is white and not some weird color, I can work with white! It is literally like a child's pool. 

Oh yea, we have a bidet- the stickers say "winterized" meaning the water was drained from all the pipes, it was all pretty rancid. Thank goodness for softscrub. Yikes. 


You can really see how off-white the trim is, and why I have to paint it all white. 

Notice I just spayed the brass light fixtures flat black. Cheapest and best hack ever. I also ran the glass shades through the dishwasher, which is how I wash all the glass lamp/chandelier shades in our house, so easy! 

Painted the door black, to match the front, duh! 

Visualizing how the runner and mirrors would look. Notice how much awesome natural light there is in this bathroom. The stained glass window lets in a lot of light while still providing privacy! You can see one of the faucets installed!

Paint color up! I used this guide to choose the gray color I wanted. I wanted something bold, since our bedroom is white. 


Yep- I still haven't painted the dental work at the top- but I am like painter pro so no drips and I am basically just procrastinating it hardcore. 

The pic is kind of fuzzy as I don't really know how to filter the light, it is so dang bright from that stained glass window! 

Thrifted pottery- one of my favs. I look for pieces that are handmade or have a really thick glaze. 

For me- art makes this bathroom feel like an actual room! 

Various prints from thift stores placed into Target or Ikea frames, The top is a little ditty I picked up in CA.

Putting a Glade candle on a thrifted blue and white saucer classies up the commode. 

The counter top is 9' long... for scale..

Because there are like a billion different metals in this bathroom, going glass on the cabinet hardware was an easy choice. These were from Lowes. 

My little olive plant should thrive in this bathroom during the winter. With the temps starting to drop at night, I moved it in here off our front porch. Chair is a Habitat ReStore score- I cleaned the fabric with Folex to brighten up the pink colored seat. Best upholstery cleaner ever. 

If you see a chair with perfect canning, buy it. 

Love white towels- they are fresh. match everything and you can use bleach on them (a splash with regular detergent in the laundry does wonders) so they stay bright white and clean! Obviously only wash white stuff with white stuff. 

An old brass pot thing I polished up with some Bar Keepers Friend

Soap dishes are super cute- but I am 100% more confident that hands are washed when there is a soap dispenser present. 

What is black, white and jute all over? My bathroom. Lame, I know. 

Get the Look! 

Thanks for reading!! 



  1. wow! I've just found your blog and your style is spot on! Some people just have that knack :) Your bathroom is beautiful, and I was hoping you might be able to answer a question about those mirrors. Would you by chance know if they can be hung horizontally? Those are the perfect size I've been looking for my bathroom space but I would need them to be hung the other way and not sure if the hardware allows. Thanks!

    1. They! Thank you so much!! Yes, the mirrors have hardware on the back for vertical or horizontal hanging. They are really cool, good luck with your project!

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