Thursday, October 13, 2016

Master Bedroom: Before & After

So happy to finally share our master bedroom reno! It has been finished for a few weeks now, but I haven't been able to get around to snapping some pics. I made up for it by taking 20+ pics of the "after" :) Below outlines all of the progress in pictures. Now we only have three bedrooms left to redo! yay....


I kicked off the project by spilling a $40/gallon of gloss paint- major eye roll. 

We decided to spray everything first. We purchased this spray gun and it was life-changing. 

You can really see how yellow the original "white" was compared to BM's Chantilly Lace. 

Wall paper removed, old water heater ripped out of closet so time to paint the ceiling. We repaint everything when we redo a room... 

Even the ceiling medallions. So fresh! 

This is what we used as a first coat. Then after that, two coat of flat white for the finish. 

After the painting but before walls were patched and carpet ripped out.

Once the painting was done- it was time to move onto the decor. This is the four posted bed we painted flat black. The black is BM's Onyx- it is my go to! 

Next was building the 9' drop leaf table (!!!)  Also- Whit did build himself a work table after I took this pic- poor guy was working on the floor this whole time! 

Disclaimer- Frank doesn't help out with anything and typically eats/chews parts of the tools that are critical to projects. 

Tables legs sanded down- I scored these from Eleven54 on Wood for $3 each! 

Building the base. And yes, we are also mid-way through updating and reorganizing our garages.


Notice the bright/clean/soft/new carpet?! It's the LifeProof stuff from Home Depot. 

Bedside table is an old thrift store find from Dallas, lamp is from JCPenney (old). The duvet is Serena&Lilly. I obviously like the mix of old and new! Swanky and Skanky. 

Isn't this old rattan magazine holder the coolest? Thrifted, duh.

I used pictures in wooden frames that were nature/beach scenes for the art on the side of the bed frame. I am an art hoarder, so yea, I had enough lying around. 

Gotta have plants as decor. White bowl was thrifted and house plants are from various big box stores. 

Love the pop of green. 

This black chair was yellow- spray paint is amazing and covers vinyl great! Pillow is a new Target find, and the rattan table is from Whit's Dads house- thanks again Bruce!


This dresser, saved from my parent's attic, was my great-grandmother's. She bought this when she was first married! 

Love the key holes! I simply stripped off the old finish and put on a fresh coat of poly for protection. 

Shams from Anthro- purchased during a 40% off sale :). 

Brass/wood/silver/black - all my fav colors. 

Dried hydrangeas from Iowa- thanks Mom! Idk why but I saw the print above at a flea market in West Hollywood and had to have it. Maybe it is because it reminds me of aimlessly diving around with friends in high school- when we had zero responsibilities and zero dollars. 

Love animal antlers above a door. 

Great pic of the drop leaf table- Whit really makes some great stuff! Also- that succulent. OMG. 

Maybe I'll hang the photos, but I am digging the "lean" look for now. 

Thrifted pottery love. 

Old cowboy hat from when Whit first moved to Dallas. 

Ottoman is critical as it is Frank's spring board onto bed. 

My Dad is having a white tail deer he hunted taxidermied for us, and that will go above the bed. It should be done sometime soon so I can't wait to hang that up.

 So happy with how this room turned out- especially since we mainly just used everything we already owned and for the other things we needed we were able to be creative! I feel best when I can live in a room I love and know it didn't cost an arm and leg. The other bonus to that is when I get a crackhead moment and change my mind of how the place should be decorated, I can go ahead and do it without regrets! 

Looking over this blog post I just cant help but get excited to start on the other bedrooms!

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